Here you will find out everything you need to know about booking your DAS course.



Here at Pro-Bike we provide expert tuition to help you gain your full motorcycle licence. Firstly you must have a valid in date C.B.T certificate and have passed your theory test. We can cater for your needs and work around you to ensure you get the right amount of training required to pass your test 1st time. The DAS course is split into two modules. We will teach all elements of the module 1 on our purpose built training site where you can practice and perfect in a safe environment.


Module 1. Off road test.


You will be tested on your ability to complete the following


•using the stand

•wheeling the motorcycle

•slalom and figure of 8

•left or right circuit ride

•avoidance exercise and controlled stop


•slow ride

•emergency stop


Your examiner will explain each exercise to you using a diagram and inform you of the requirement for each part of the test. Below is an illustration that shows you the layout. Module 1 usually lasts for approximately 20 minutes and when completed the examiner will inform you if you have passed or failed.

Module 2.


Module 2 is the practical on road test. Firstly you need to have successfully passed module 1 before you can take module 2. You will be given as much training as you need to prepare you for this module so that you are properly prepared to take and pass your test. We will take you out on the road to learn all aspects of what is expected of you and the ratio will be 1 instructor to 2 students maximum. You will take it in turns to lead and will be in constant radio contact with your instructor. We will stop occasionally to discuss your progress and introduce new road situations to you gradually to build your confidence and help you adjust to riding a bigger and more powerful bike on the road. When you are ready to take your test you will be assessed by the examiner on the following points.


•Eyesight test

•safety checks and balance questions (show me tell me)

•your use of the controls

•moving off

•rear observations

•giving signals

•acting on road signs and signals

•use of speed

•making progress


•junctions and roundabouts


•meeting and passing other vehicles

•crossing the path of other vehicles

•following behind traffic at a safe distance

•positioning and lane discipline

•pedestrian crossings

•awareness and anticipation

•selecting a safe place to stop

View some images from our DAS course: