Here you will find out everything you need to know about booking your CBT training.



Compulsory Basic training is a legal requirement to be able to ride on the road. It was introduced in 1990 to help reduce the amount of accidents and has achieved a 50% reduction since its introduction. We teach you the basics for riding and improving your safety and will be an informative, fun and valuable day.


Once you successfully complete the C.B.T. Training you will be issued with a certificate DL196 which Is valid for 2 years. Before we begin we will perform an eyesight check. You must be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20 metres. If you normally wear glasses you will be expected to wear them for the training.


We will then check your licence to ensure your eligible to take your C.B.T.


C.B.T Training is divided into 5 elements...

Element A: Classroom


- Introduction into C.B.T

- Safety helmets, visors & goggles

- Clothing

- Gloves & Boots

- Visibility

Element B: Introduction to the Bike


- Bike controls

- Basic machine checks

- On & Off the stand

- Wheeling the bike left & right

- Starting & stopping the engine

Element C: Riding the Bike


- How to ride the bike under control

- Controlled braking

- Changing gear

- Figure of 8

- Emergency stop

- Rear observations

- Turning left & right at junctions

- U turns

Element D: Classroom


- Highway code

- Defensive riding

- Importance of rear observations

- Riding position on the road & space when following others

- Effects of the weather on riding

- Road surfaces

- Importance of been seen

- Vulnerability

- Speed

- Legal requirements

- Drugs & alcohol

- Hazard perception

Element E: 2 hour road ride


Finally we will put everything you have learned into practice and hit the road, you will be under supervision and the ratio is 1 instructor to 2 students both in radio contact.


As part of our C.B.T. Training we ensure your safety is our top priority. We aim to make it an enjoyable day and our C.B.T courses take approximately 6 hours depending on the student. It is advisable to wear correct motorcycle clothing but if you do not have any then we can usually provide jackets, helmets and gloves subject to availability, but please request at the time of booking.


Students WILL NOT be taken on the bikes if they are dressed inappropriately. The minimum requirement is sturdy shoes/boots (NO TRAINERS) strong jeans and a good quality jacket.



View some images from our C.B.T course: